2018 Book #70 – Jane Doe by Victoria Helen Stone

51fPxsHhIwLTitle: Jane Doe
Author: Victoria Helen Stone
Date finished: 8/14/18
Genre: Fiction, thriller, psychological suspense
Publisher: Lake Union Publishing
Publication Date: August 1, 2018
Pages in book: 267
Stand alone or series: Stand alone
Where I got the book from: NetGalley
NOTE: I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This in no way affected my opinion of the book, or the content of my review.

Blurb from the cover:

A double life with a single purpose: revenge.

Jane’s days at a Midwest insurance company are perfectly ordinary. She blends in well, unremarkably pretty in her floral-print dresses and extra efficient at her low-level job. She’s just the kind of woman middle manager Steven Hepsworth likes—meek, insecure, and willing to defer to a man. No one has any idea who Jane really is. Least of all Steven.

But plain Jane is hiding something. And Steven’s bringing out the worst in her.

Nothing can distract Jane from going straight for his heart: allowing herself to be seduced into Steven’s bed, to insinuate herself into his career and his family, and to expose all his dirty secrets. It’s time for Jane to dig out everything that matters to Steven. So she can take it all away.

Just as he did to her.

My rating:  5.0 stars out of a scale of 5

My review: I was provided a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest and fair review. I finished this book for ARC August 2018! Love this reading challenge. And this year I’m especially excited because as part of the challenge they added one of my favorite things, reading Bingo! This book will be checking off my “Start & Finish 2 ARCs in August” box (I’ve technically finished 6 at this point but I’m being strategic with my boxes and 6 is more than 2).

I hope to goodness that someone makes a movie out of this one. #1 it would be amazing (if they did it correctly). #2 this book rocked and I just loved it. Jane as a character was cold-blooded and vengeful, which fit her story in every way possible. There wasn’t much that I didn’t like about this book. Stephen was the perfect villain, someone you love to hate and who gets worse with each turn of the page. He was absolutely a pompous ass and a completely horrible person. Building up so much hatred for him throughout the book just made the ending that much more amazing. This book had one of the best endings I’ve experienced, an immensely satisfying experience for the readers as we vicariously live through Jane’s journey to get the perfect revenge. I couldn’t put this book down but at the same time I didn’t want it to end. I didn’t even mind that Jane was a sociopath, it almost made it more amusing – there were a lot of very dry humor and logical observations about Stephen the asshole. I also thought Jane’s commentary on the cat was funny, calling it a fellow sociopath and all. Honestly this book was a great read and I’d highly recommend it, especially for anyone who likes to see a villain’s complete annihilation.

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2014 – Book # 78


The seventy-eighth book I read in 2014 was Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. This was the first book I have read by this author. I finished this book on 8/31/14. I rated this book 4.25 stars out of a scale of 5. This book is about Nick Dunne and how his life changes when his wife Amy goes missing. On their fifth wedding anniversary, Nick comes home to find his living room in horrible disarray and his wife is nowhere to be found.

There are three pretty much separate parts of this book. The first part alternates between (1) Nick Dunne’s point of view from the day Amy goes missing and (2) Amy’s point of view for the past seven years up to the point of her disappearance through her diary entries. Through Amy’s diary we see Amy and Nick’s relationship from the beginning , and watch it deteriorate as the years pass. Through Nick’s point of view we see the guilt, the emptiness, the fear. This at first makes readers wonder if his reactions are due to the fact that Nick has something to do with Amy’s disappearance. And as all the clues seem to come together to the same conclusion, Nick has trouble continuing to convince his family, Amy’s family, the police and the public that he is innocent.

The second part of the book tells the story from Amy’s point of view from the day of her disappearance (first hand and not through diary entries) as well as continuing through Nick’s point of view after the disappearance. Nick is beginning to seem very, very guilty and he enlists the help of one of the nation’s greatest husband-defense lawyers. Nick tries to bring the public around to his side through the help of the media. But for someone who isn’t good at showing emotions in a general sense, not showing emotion when your wife is missing just makes you seem more guilty.

The third part of the book is told through Amy and Nick’s point of views after Amy is “found.” This part of the book I found to be the most twisted and honestly a little disturbing. Amy and Nick’s obsession with each other seems to be self-destructive and I can’t imagine how Nick was able to sleep next to her at night. Amy is cunning and ruthless and both her and Nick surprised me in this section.

Overall this was an interesting book but not one that I would read again. The plot itself was fascinating and inventive but was a little dark for my taste. I’m very glad that I read it though and would recommend it to other readers. Especially since they’re making a movie out of it, I always like to read the book before I go see the movie. I am curious about how the book will translate into film though given the transition that has to happen between the first and second parts of the book. I am interested in seeing the movie when it comes out. The official site for the movie, including trailers, can be found here.

Link to author website: http://gillian-flynn.com/

Link to Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Gone-Girl-Gillian-Flynn/dp/030758836X/ref=tmm_hrd_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=1409743995&sr=8-1